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Good Morning, Students How are you today?  I hope you you are so fine. just like me today
Welcome to English Day Programme with me.
Well, students In this section, you will learn how to express THANKING and how to respond it?
How do you spell THANKING?
It spells /ti/ /eɪtʃ/ /eɪ/ /en/ /keɪ/ /aɪ/ /en/ /dʒi:/ = THANKING
Let me repeat it anymore THANKING /ti/ /eɪtʃ/ /eɪ/ /en/ /keɪ/ /aɪ/ /en/ /dʒi:/ = THANKING
What is THANKING meant? It means how to express thanking to people who give you something or while you need help other people.
Pay attention in this section because before the end of this section there is a quiz. Who wants to be the winner English quiz? The winner of the quiz will get money five  thousand rupiah for me.
How to express thanking? We use these expressions to express thanking.
Now How to respond thanking
We use these expressions to respond thanking.
First,Thank you.
Second, Thanks.
Third, Thank a lot
Fourth, Thank you very much.
Fifth, Thank you for  followed by
Example :
Thank you for listening this section
Thank you for coming here
Thank you for giving a cake
First , You are welcome.
Second, That’s all right.
Third, No problem.
Fourth, My pleasure.
Fifth, Don’t mention it.

Well students. I have a quiz for the first student can answer the questions through my email’s address, don’t forget to write your full name and class. The quiz is who wants to be the winner An English quiz? The winner of the quiz will get money five  thousand rupiah for me: Listen the following dialogue carefully then answer the question through my email’s address
Mother needs some sugar for the cake she is baking. She asks  Daniel to go to market.
Mother : Daniel, I need some sugar for the cake and I’m too busy to go to market. Can you help me to buy it?Daniel : Of course, Mom.
What will Daniel's mother say ?and What Daniel will respond ?
Send  the best answer to my email’s address, don’t forget to write your name and class
Let’s  practice the above expressions and responses about thanking in daily activity with your friends. My suggestion is understand the material and take action ! don’t be shame because
Practice makes our English better. I am sorry for explaining in this section in short because the time is over. Don’t worry. You can learn and explore more about THANKING EXPRESSIONS AND RESPONSES at state junior high school 22 Semarang website or amin wibowo’s face book I would like to invite your suggestions and critics in improvement English Day programme through amin wibowo’s face book. Next topic will be guided by Miss. Edi
Thank you for listening. Good luck and see you later.

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